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This means I show up for myself every day.

I'm working on my Mental Health just as much as my Physical Health and I want to open my mind to anyone who needs help.

This website is about you showing up for yourself.


I show up to make these videos, you do the's a beautiful cycle of motivation we created!

I just competed in my first Bikini Contest on June 4, 2024, placing 2nd and that was an amazing reward for all my hard work. Taking my body to the next level gives me even more drive, education and motivation to share with anyone who wants to take back control of their life! 


Mindset is a BIG focus right now as I prep for my next Bikini Contest June 1, 2024. 


Life doesn't stop so you can work on your dreams.



Behind the Scenes 

I share my life with my husband Nick and 2 daughters Peyton and Toni. Keep scrolling to follow us on social media; where we show up every day ready to be our best self - even the really hard days. 

We moved to Florida in 2019 and started a Lawn + Pool Business with my Parents & Grandfather!

Now we run 3 businesses while building our dream life, on our own terms.

Follow me on social media to see if you can keep up with us!

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